Loan for residual debt relief

Anyone who wants to apply for a loan for a debt relief, will come around one or the other hurdle! An exemption from residual debts, after all, means that the debtor has a corresponding debt career behind him. The problem here is that even after the Restschuldfreireiung an entry in the private credit exists. This is interpreted by most banks negatively and is the basis, which is why a loan application is usually rejected on principle.

A chance for a new beginning

The majority of banks are hesitant to enter into talks, given the prevailing circumstances, because they consider the risk “intolerable”. Many debtors slip into the debt trap unhindered with a new loan. Nevertheless, there are conscientious people who see a chance for a fresh start in a debt relief and need a loan for this. For this group of people there are certainly ways and means to obtain a loan after a residual debt exemption.

Loan offers without examination of private credit

Consumers who want to take out a debt relief loan will soon find that a negative private credit entry can prevent this important cash injection. The only sensible option here is to resort to a loan without the requirement of a private credit query. However, in order to be able to use one of these offers, some criteria must be met: For example, the applicant must prove, among other things, a permanent position.

Anyone who can additionally prove having a residence in Germany by means of a valid ID card and in the best case can name a guarantor will have very good chances of success. To find a truly serious offer, various offers should be subjected to a strict comparison. Quotations should be made at the house bank and at the same time on the internet in order to create the largest possible basis for comparison.

Possible alternatives to the loan without private credit

Possible alternatives to the loan without private credit

Many are reluctant to choose a loan without a private credit request, as the interest rates are very high compared to other credit models. Unexpectedly, when all else fails, consumers can face their financial hardship with the help of a professional credit intermediary. This can convey loans from wealthy people to the applicants. A query of the private credit does not take place here, so that a loan in the appropriate amount should see nothing in the way.

Some agencies only ask for some information about the current employer and salary details. On the one hand, based on these economic data, the level of the interest rate is calculated and on the other hand an assessment of the liquidity is made. Private credit intermediaries, too, want to know their security and grant a loan for a debt relief only under these conditions.

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